Barrett Family

hms_bulwark_1904We all know a picture is worth a thousand words and when it comes to family history there is no substitute for a photograph of one of our ancestors.

It’s great to be able to look back through the generations and see the family resemblances being passed down through the ages. Photos are a great addition to any story and quite often photos are the only historical record of an event, person or item.

Unfortunately photos are often lost, damaged or destroyed so, as part of the process of preserving our family memories, I am putting together a digital collection of as many family connected photos as possible. Genealogy is much more than putting a name in a tree along with a photo and a few dates. Its a reconstruction of a persons life where we preserve as much detail as possible.

What did that person like or dislike? What type of lifestyle did they live? Did they have hobbies or play sport? Were they in the military? There are so many questions that a single photo can answer.

I would like to request that you consider contributing photos you may have to this collection so that others can share the wonderful stories these photos have to offer. The photo to the left is the HMS Bulwark on which William Walter Scott was killed when the ship exploded off Sheerness in 1914.  I am the 2 x great nephew of the wife of William Walter Scott and this photo adds a great visual reference to his personal story.

Please consider sharing you photos with me so that I can add them to this digital collection. Photos of people, places and things all add a visual dimension to an otherwise statistical background. Start looking for photos both old and new and I’ll follow this post soon with information on how you can easily add your photos to this collection.