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worksheetlocationThe software used by Barrett Family Genealogy is very comprehensive and meets the needs of almost every genealogist.

With that being said there is a certain amount of learning required to make the most of your visits to the website. The project is continually growing with new information gathered regularly from my own research and information provided by other family members.

When you log into the site do a search for your own name and go to your own individual page where I have entered the known information I have about you. As indicated in the image above there is a link to a Worksheet. Open the Worksheet and complete as much information as possible and submit the form.

This will allow me to update the database and ensure that your information is correct and up to date. It also allows me to add other members of your family to the tree if they are not presently included.

When you visit the pages of other individuals there will be similar forms available from the same location on the page where you can also add information about their families.

It’s important to complete these Worksheets as it is the easiest way to add individuals and their information to the tree.

There are other ways you can add information and media to the tree but this is the easiest way to get started. I will deal with other methods in another post.

You can return to these Worksheets at any time and add more information or update any changes.